Fried Rice with Spring Veggies

I make fried rice all the time. Mostly, because I usually have the basic ingredients (rice, egg, oil) at home and the rest of the ingredients are super flexible. This week, I used some spring veggies, and because I love eggs so much, added a fried egg on top. Ingredients: 2 cups of cooked rice […]

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New Age Farming in Oklahoma

Innovation is what drives progress. Questioning the boundaries of conventional process. Without those people who take risk to think a little differently, we would not be able to find new and more efficient ways to feed our country. Hydroponic farming is one of those innovations. Hydroponic farming is not a new form of farming however. […]

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Why You Should Love Oklahoma Craft Beer

When you think Oklahoma you don’t think craft beer. In the craft beer conversation I think Denver, or Seattle or even Austin. A place with micro breweries all over the place is certainly not Oklahoma. Or is it? I had the privilege of attending the craft beer festival on behalf of Frontier Produce. It was […]

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Farm to Burger in 3 Days Flat

Can you believe how many kinds of lettuce there are? Leaf Green, Romaine, Boston Lettuce, Red Leaf, Iceberg Lettuce, Celtuce, Butterhead, Spring Mix, the list goes on and on! Have you ever wondered where all that lettuce comes from? Unfortunately, we don’t have a garden in the back we pick out of every day. At […]

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